This April is no joke! To help us unpack the monthly theme of PLAN, Danielle and I invited our long-time colleague (and our dear friend) Lafe Taylor to join us on the #MoreThanGraphics Podcast as our special guest. (Our beloved co-host, Cicely, had to miss this episode because she’s leveling up her game and getting that nursing degree, but don’t worry: she’ll be back next month!) As we started this podcast to make space at the table for womxn in the tech and creative industries, Lafe also has the honor of being our first-ever male guest!

Lafe is no stranger to the MTG team or the Kentucky community. For several years, he’s been a design influencer and mentor to many people in the creative industry. He and I were coworkers at one of my very first tech industry jobs decades ago (okay, we don’t need to talk about how long ago that was) and he also co-founded Kentucky’s Digital Media Artists Group, the only Adobe-sponsored user group in the area, before I later became their magazine editor. These days, in addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Lafe even co-hosts his own podcast, which we highly recommend checking out: Two Shy Guys and a Mic

When Lafe isn’t working or illustrating, you can find him watching the latest MMA pay-per-view alongside MTG founder and hostess, Danielle, a few times per year. Lafe’s a dope Illustrator, a compelling storyteller, a beckoning voice for his people, a top-performing entrepreneur, a devoted husband and father, a world-traveling speaker, a social influencer, a good Steward of wealth, and a humble and upright man before God.

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***As always, shout-out to my dear friend, Danielle, of Octane Design Studios for creating and producing the podcast, and our fabulous cohost, Cicely, for helping bring Danielle’s vision to life.