My Approach

My approach to applying Learning Theory to design…

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What Pavlov’s dog has to do with learning theory…

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You down with ZPD?
(Yeah, you know me!)

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Why Adult Learning Theory is much different than teaching children…

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Making Learning Fun. 

I believe that leading a fulfilling life includes using your talents to help others. My passions include sharing STEM knowledge with adults and children of all ages; increasing diversity in the tech industry; and helping change the world through entrepreneurship & philanthropy.

My style of Instructional Design and Curriculum Development uses blended learning to reach all types of learners. I strike a balance between professionalism, passion, and fun. Where appropriate, I pull from my background in theatre, public speaking, and even improvisational comedy to create a learning atmosphere that:

Keeps learners motivated and engaged

Boosts confidence and self esteem

Promotes learning and recollection of complex, technical subjects

Learning Theory

A comparison chart of some common learning theories…

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An overview of Cognitivist learning theory…

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A learning theory for the digital world…

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Complex Learning

How I craft authentic assessments to ensure knowledge transfer and overcome the Forgetting Curve…

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Using Marketing Technology for Learning Campaigns

My Predictions for the Future of eLearning