Instructional designers are a supportive bridge that connects people to knowledge while connecting opportunity to true potential. With decades of experience at the intersection of technology, marketing, and education, I teach and mentor people from underinvested and untapped communities that are commonly underrepresented in the tech field. This includes youths, women (including trans and non-binary women), LGBTQ, BlPOC, neurodivergent, differently-abled, intersectional, and a broad variety of other individuals who live far from Silicon Valley, yet dream of building a thriving, flexible career in tech or FinTech. As a coach, champion, and sponsor, I help new experiences and information sink in, just like settling sands.

My philosophy of Instructional Design, Learning Experience Design, Learning Strategy, and Curriculum Development balances professionalism, passion, and fun. I strive to create a learning atmosphere that:

Keeps learners motivated and engaged
Boosts confidence and self esteem
Promotes learning and recollection of complex, technical subjects

Using Marketing Technology for Learning Campaigns

My work sits at the intersection of instructional design, marketing, and information technology. I am fascinated with the learning engineering process and with how we can blend learning sciences with modern technologies to improve and enhance learning experiences.