Hi, I’m Brittany Robinson 👋 an Instructional Experience Designer, Learning Strategist, and Whovian. I work at the intersection of education, marketing, UX/UI, and software engineering for corporate and academia. I specialize in tech courses, coding bootcamps, and programming apprenticeships for virtual, blended, or online learning.

With over 15 years of experience in Instructional Design, Technical Training, and Adult Learning Theory, I design and develop training materials, curricula, learning campaigns, and websites for industries spanning tech, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and correctional institutions.

My marketing campaign background allows me to create custom-built learning campaigns that overcome the Forgetting Curve. With a career spanning marketing, graphic & web design, technical training, and curriculum development, I always strive to make learning fun yet professional and effective yet memorable.

Loves: Unreal Engine; magenta hair; teaching kids to code; encouraging women to pursue tech jobs

Superpowers: meeting tight deadlines in fast-paced environments. (I know it doesn’t have a ring to it, but “leaping tall buildings in a single bound” was taken…)

Hobbies: building video games and augmented reality (AR) experiences, and traveling the world with my husband and our two Wonder Dogs (Ella and Luv)

Stats: In my home state of Kentucky, I’ve designed, implemented, and facilitated numerous coding bootcamps that have sold out with waitlists, including Kentucky and Indiana's first CoderDojo, and first all-girls Minecraft code camp. My code bootcamps consistently receive rave reviews from learners and parents alike, and I’ve been ranked in four separate “top ten lists” of national tech bootcamps. To date, I’ve taught 700+ Appalachian youths and reached an estimated 16,000 global learners, 75% of whom are female. Coming full circle, I’ve helped Kentucky’s Lt. Governor create a STEM program for middle school girls, including the same school I attended while teaching myself to code.