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xAPI Integration

The Experience API (xAPI) is "an eLearning specification that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has within online and offline training activities. xAPI’s use of a shared format for both the receiving and sending of data makes the specification an ideal tool for sharing learning between multiple systems." (xAPI.com/overview, 2022).

Brightspace D2L LMS

As long as D2L is xAPI, cmi5, and LTI compliant, you can publish Storyline courses to the LMS, so the course knows which learner is taking the course. That way, D2L will capture the actor (learner) for you when creating the xAPI statement.

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Learning Engineering

How our university's instructional design team implemented the Learning Engineering Process and created a Learner-Centered Learning Engineering (LCLE) process when creating an intervention for positive change in higher education.

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