I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Kentucky Science Center (formerly the Louisville Science Center) alongside a group of D.D. Williamson’s food scientists and chemists. Whaaaat!?! We spent the day working a food chemistry booth, exploring the exhibits, and teaching K-12 students about STEM topics and careers in food science, technology, chemistry, and physics. The entire experience is documented on DDW’s social media.

It was an absolute blast. My favorite quote of the day was from a small child, who said: “I want to be BFF’s with a polar bear. Do you think a polar bear would be my BFF?” 🥺

If you’ve not been to the Kentucky Science Center lately, they have a pretty impressive (and huge!) Rube Goldberg machine. As an unexpected bonus, the Kentucky Science Center was also holding a Star Trek exhibit on the day we were there. I was so excited to experience that! The only thing that would have possibly been better would have been if it was a Star Wars exhibit. 😉

I’m very grateful for this opportunity to train some of the world’s future scientists in my home state of Kentucky. Yay, science!