STEM Classes for Children

Coding, Web and Graphic Design, Video Game Development, & Entrepreneurship

“Let’s teach the next generation to be more than just consumers and recipients. Let’s teach them to be creators and innovators.” – Brittany Robinson

Teaching Kids to Code

Since 2013, I’ve had two missions: mentoring other business owners (with a focus on women and girls, minorities, and charities/nonprofits) and teaching children how to code. Many of the children I teach in my computer coding classes are the same age that I was when I first started coding. Regardless of age, I aim to prepare my students for success and hopefully, a future career in the STE(A)M field.

My newest passion is teaching children to code, develop their own video games, and design their own graphics. Things have come full circle and it’s a pleasure to help inspire the future leaders of tech in this way.

    Best of all, I’ve been able to give back to the world by:

    • helping new business owners bring their visions to life

    • supporting other women and young girls in the tech industry

    • teaching the next generation of designers and developers how to code, build websites, use Photoshop, develop video games, and start their own businesses

    How We Used Minecraft to Get Kentucky and Indiana Girls into Coding


    My reasons are simple: it’s important work and it brings me joy.

    I enjoy preparing today’s children and teenagers to be tomorrow’s scientists, designers, architects, developers. Now is the best time to start.

    Instead of being passive users of media and technology who simply read websites or watch YouTube videos, let’s challenge this generation to truly engage. Let’s teach them critical thinking skills and creativity.

    Let’s help them use digital technology as a tool for innovation, creation, collaboration, and imagination.

    Let’s prepare them for future careers.

    Let’s empower them to shape the world they want to live in, not just the world that was handed to them.

    That is why I teach children to code. And that is why I will continue to do so.


    Complex Learning

    Click to learn more about how I use Complex Learning and Authentic Assessments within my coding classes for children ages 7 to 18 years:

    Educational Institutions and Organizations

    It’s been my honor to offer STEM classes for children through the following organizations and educational institutions: