After being swept up in the excitement of moving overseas, I’ve finally (finally!) had a chance to finish editing this Business Insurance Q&A interview with insurance specialist, Izabela Rowe.

As many of you know, I started offering business coaching services this year. My clients are new (or aspiring) business owners who need assistance, support, and accountability in getting their businesses off the ground. (Does this sound like you? If so, feel free to get in touch with me and see how I can help you.)

As partĀ of my business coaching service, I also run a free Facebook community for new and aspiring business owners. In our group, many of the members have questions about business insurance – so Izabela was kind enough to answer some common questions just for our group. I shared a video interview exclusively to the Facebook group and I am sharing in podcast format here.

If you’ve been wondering whether you need business insurance, this podcast is for you. Please join the group for a free quote or have any questions for them. You can also leave a comment below and I will get you an answer as soon as I can. Hope this helps you!

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