Earlier this year, I collaborated with Todd Budnikas, Creative Director at Mission Data LLC, to launch NextPLex Louisville, which connects local entrepreneurs, web developers, and tech enthusiasts with networking meetups and event postings in Kentucky and southern Indiana. We’ve had rapid adoption and I’m pleased to announce we’ve been featured in Louisville Business First! You can read the full article here.

Louisville is one of only 10 cities across the United States to have been invited to the NextPlex network. Developed by two individuals in New York, NextPlex aims to connect “developers, designers, hackers, hustlers, founders, freelancers, makers, mad-scientists and more” within each of the ten geographic areas.

The idea for NextPlex Louisville sparked from Twitter discussions among developers in the local community. There were communication gaps causing people to miss out on upcoming events, and individuals were very interested in following what others were doing. By joining the NextPlex network, we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel or create our own site from the ground up. We essentially were able to aggregate everything going on throughout the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio tech and entrepreneur communities.