Cofounding the More Than Graphics Podcast

Back in 2019, I had the honor of joining my friends, colleagues, and hard-working women Danielle and Cicely as we embarked upon the journey of creating a podcast, tribe, and virtual community for intersectional women (and men!) in tech and creative spaces. I was one of the founding cohosts during season one, where we enjoyed roundtable discussions, laughter, wine, and truth-telling with business masterminds and close friends each month. Eventually, life (and work) got in the way and I had to take a step back from podcasting, but I’m thrilled to say that More Than Graphics continued (and thrived) since then, with my friend and colleague Priscilla replacing me as a cohost. It is now led by a full team of women of color, who shine in tech and creative spaces while balancing their careers and creative endeavors with motherhood, co-parenting, friendships, and relationships. Check out their journey and join their tribe at

Special Guest Invitation

In December 2023, I was honored to be invited back as a special guest on the Explore episode of the More Than Graphics podcast, where we speak into the lives and experiences of women and men in the tech and creative industries. It was a virtual reunion of the founding members, Danielle, Cicely, and myself (and Priscilla was there in spirit, of course!) as we celebrated our journey from the inception of this podcast to where we are now, five seasons later.

Episode Highlights:

Nostalgic Beginnings: We reminisce about the early days of the podcast, recalling the moment the idea was born and how it has evolved into a successful platform with major guests lined up for the next year.

Personal Growth: Each of us shares our personal growth stories, from career advancements to life-changing events. Cicely opens up about her journey through nursing school and the relief of finally graduating.

Support and Empowerment: We discuss the importance of our tribe and how we’ve supported each other through various stages of life, emphasizing the collective strength we’ve found in our union.

Exploration and New Beginnings: The theme of exploration is woven throughout the episode, as we talk about exploring new opportunities, letting go of control, and embracing the flow of life.

Generational Changes: We touch on how parenting styles have evolved over generations, and how we’re navigating the challenges of raising children in today’s world.

Looking Ahead to 2024: As we look forward to the new year, we each share our intentions. Brittany speaks about seeking ease in life, while Cicely emphasizes the importance of going with the flow and enjoying the fleeting moments.