Video Tutorial: Create Your Own Website

Tools UsedScreencastify (https://www.screencastify.com – in-browser screen capture for Chrome), Shotcut (https://www.shotcut.org – video editor), Canva (http://www.canva.com – photo editor), WordPress(http://www.wordpress.com – website creation), and YouTube (http://www.youtube.com – free video hosting site)

For this MicroLearning project, I learned Screencastify, Shotcut, Canva, and WordPress.com for the purpose of creating a quick video for new business owners on creating your own website for free without hiring a designer. As a self-directed, hands-on learner with intrinsic motivation, I taught myself how to use these tools by playing with the software until I got stuck, then researching online tutorials, watching videos, and walking through the steps until I figured it out.

(Disclaimer: I have prior video editing experience so some of the software was fairly intuitive and user-friendly based on my prior knowledge/experience. I was able to take a Constructivist approach here by building upon what I already know and reaching out to more knowledgeable people for additional help and resources.)

Resources such as micro-learning, blogs, Google (and other search engines), and YouTube video tutorials allowed me to take a Connectivist approach to rapidly learn new technologies. YouTube videos were extremely valuable in my ability to quickly learn my way around Shotcut, Screencastify, and WordPress.com (which was shockingly different from the WordPress interface that I use when designing client websites) and learning to use Canva for YouTube video intro images (which I had never done before, although I’m familiar with Canva).

The Connectivist + Constructivist learning process works well for intrinsically motivated, self-directed learners like myself, looking to quickly master the skills required for a project like this one. I used a variety of digital media tools, rapidly turning new skills into a tutorial that I could immediately share with other self-directed learners on YouTube.