I spent a day in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, providing mentoring to a class of underprivileged high school students who were shadowing through Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana (Kentucky and Indiana chapter). The end goal was to inspire these students to stay in school and to explore career options that they may not have considered. Shout out to Junior Achievement for allowing us to participate in this day. And THANK YOU to the students who participated!

I gave a presentation to the students on how our multicultural company uses social media for marketing and branding and encouraged them to consider careers in social media management or information technology. Afterward, we held a pizza party for all of the students and employees.

At the end of the day, we asked the high school students to write down on Post-It notes what they learned today. One student wrote that I’m cool. So, there you have it, folks. Real, (un)scientific data that I’m cool. I’ve decided to keep a photograph of that Post-It note as proof to remind myself 🙂