I volunteered my time helping the World Trade Center Kentucky launch their social media accounts, including social media strategy, graphic design, web marketing, and training.

My Roles as Volunteer:

Trainer, Graphic designer, Social Media Strategist, Marketing Technologist


The World Trade Center of Kentucky had been wanting to get involved in social media by using Facebook and Twitter to promote their current and upcoming activities and to engage with local businesses across Kentucky. However, they weren’t really sure where to start.


Since they are technically a nonprofit group with a small staff, I donated my time volunteering to help them out. I utilized Adobe Photoshop to design their Twitter and Facebook pages, adding graphics that matched their brand. Using their existing Content Management System (CMS), I assisted them with adding buttons to their website.

Instructional Design, Training, and Facilitation:

I scheduled a two-hour in-person meeting to train their employees on:

  1. how to update Twitter and Facebook
  2. social media strategy
  3. web analytics
  4. how to best incorporate Twitter and Facebook into their existing marketing strategies


They were thrilled with the results. Within two weeks, their staff felt comfortable with Facebook and Twitter. I continued providing additional support on an as-needed basis, but the group seemed comfortable updating content on their own after their initial two-hour training session. Since our initial training, they’ve continued to maintain their social media marketing efforts and have expanded to also include YouTube and LinkedIn.

Get Involved:

Why not help the World Trade Center of Kentucky by giving them a LIKE? They are doing wonderful things for businesses and the local economy: https://www.facebook.com/WTCKY

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