Now that everything is official, I can share that I’ve been named a 2020 Coro Women in Leadership Fellow. Coro is a nonprofit which brings together annual cohorts of mid-career womxn of diverse backgrounds for intensive leadership development and problem-solving. 

I’ll be joining this year’s Education cohort, where we’ll tackle pressing issues and community challenges in our post-COVID world. While networking with Silicon Valley leaders, my personal goal will be addressing systemic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues in the tech and SEO fields.

Having taught myself how to code in middle school, my career goal is now to empower others to do the same. I spent the past seven years creating online courses, coding bootcamps, and tech apprenticeship programs to help untapped populations break into the tech and SEO fields. Having worked with startups, nonprofits, and even the State of California government, my current focus is on addressing systemic issues in tech, one local community at a time. I believe there is a lot of untapped talent outside of Silicon Valley, in communities and hometowns around the world. I am passionate about blending social entrepreneurship, activism, and coding with culture change. 

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