The world has enough mindless consumers. Let’s teach the next generation to be makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Let’s teach them to code and inspire them to open their world-changing nonprofits, charities, and startups. 

That’s why I love working with children and teenagers. Giving back to our communities through serving our youths has always been deeply important to me. 

I was recently honored to be invited as a panelist at Kentucky’s Limitless Leaders Conference for Girls. The conference theme was GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science, and it completely sold out with a waiting list. I shared my experiences in the tech field and spoke to K-12 girls about their future careers. I also participated in the conference’s Speed Career Networking session, where I answered questions about careers in tech!

My experience was incredible. I spoke on my first-ever panel at a sold-out conference for hundreds of girls. I had the honor of sharing the stage with the most inspirational women – mathematicians, engineers, designers (including some of my talented friends and colleagues), firefighters, chefs, and even Miss Kentucky herself. I was deeply inspired by the stories of my fellow panelists, especially Judge Pamela Goodwine and Sheriff Kathy Witt. Greatness is achieved when women stay driven to persevere despite any obstacles they are facing. I am so grateful to have been a part of this.