I wish all of my workshops could feature sleepy cats and gong baths with reiki! I’m still processing the experience of this past weekend’s workshop. I couldn’t have asked for a better circle of women or a more inviting space. On Saturday, January 20th, 2018, I held a “Goals with Soul” retreat in Cincinnati, Ohio, leading a circle of heart-centered women through Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions and Desire Mapping at the home of a dear friend (who also happens to be a reiki master practitioner, sound healer, yoga & meditation teacher, and Ayurvedic practitioner). Was there meditation? You bet! Was there sound healing? Of course! Was there transformative journaling with intention-setting? Absolutely! What better way to start the new year…



Why Now?

This time of year brings energy and momentum. Now is the perfect time for going inward, gathering with like-minded people, and mapping out a plan for the year to come. Creating space to honor your authentic self empowers you to build the life you truly desire. This workshop connected like-minded, soulful people to cheer each other on every step of the way. This was a safe, supportive circle to empower each other to go after the lives we crave and deserve.

We gathered to craft goals for the new year, which align with what we really want in our lives, relationships, and businesses. We saved a seat in our intimate, soulful circle for anyone who felt the calling to step into their own power and do work that aligns with their innate gifts and true purpose. We crafted declarations of purpose and explored the type of work our participants really wanted to do in the world. Participants gained clarity and integrity on the next steps in their individual journeys to freedom. 

Who is This Workshop for?

For all of my dream chasers, my soul searchers, and my go-getters! In a world where our society seems to be addicted to productivity, we often measure our own worth by what others think of us. It’s heartbreaking but we’ve all been there, haven’t we? When it seems that everyone is living in a constant state of “achievement autopilot” it can be an act of courage to simply sit still and listen to what our hearts truly want. I’m grateful for everyone who signed up to take those first steps of stillness with us.

Lesson Plan for the Workshop:

Our glorious day of self-care included the following agenda:

2pm – Adornment + Meditation (Your body is a temple. We’ll adorn it with sacred geometry and “core desired feelings” temporary tattoos. Our Welcoming Ceremony includes essential oils, incense, music, tarot cards, and meditation to reset our thoughts and emotions and just be present. In the sacred moment.

2:10pm – Welcome + Introductions (Intention setting…. Hand-written truth bombs for life, along with a soundtrack of beautiful music to help us calm our minds and tune into ourselves.)

2:20pm – Declare Your Super Powers (Includes a custom Fire Starter Sessions Workbook, yours to keep, take home, take notes, and revisit whenever you crave soul inquiry)

3pm – The Metrics of Ease (For your comfort, we’ll provide hot tea, water, and snacks during this part of the workshop. Wear some comfy clothes and we’ll handle the rest.)

3:30pm – BREAK

3:45pm – Desire Mapping (Based on the book “The Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte, we’ll walk through exercises that get to the heart of how you want to feel – your “core desired feelings” – so that we can align your goals with your soul.)

4:30pm – BREAK

4:45pm – Clearing (This will be an intimate gathering of like-minded souls in a cozy, zenful space. We’ll clear anxiety, fear, and negative emotions while supporting each other)

5pm – Conquering Fear (Building upon our previous work, we’ll cheer each other on in taking the next steps in our respective journeys.)

5:30pm – Make What Feels Good to Make (Excerpt from Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions)

5:30pm – Time, Boundaries, Pricing (Excerpt from Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions)

5:55pm – Danielle LaPorte’s Credo for Making It Happen

6pm – Closing Savasana (Enjoy 15 minutes of Desire Map Yoga by a Certified Yoga Teacher with an accompanying Spotify playlist, followed by a gong bath for sound healing by a certified Reiki Master Practitioner)

Recap of the Workshop:

Some participants wanted to improve their relationships. Others had ​dreams ​of quitting their ​9-to-5 ​job to take ​the ​leap ​into ​running a business. Others wanted to travel ​the ​world ​full-time, ​or ​craft the lifestyle of their dreams. This workshop helped our circle of women ​say ​YES ​to their unique abilities and finally ​stop ​doing ​all ​the ​things ​holding them ​back. 

Through Desire Mapping, Fire Starting, & soulful goal-setting, we got clear on what they wanted and ​cut ​through any ​thoughts, ​fears, ​and ​feelings that were interfering with courage & clarity.

This cozy, intimate half-day workshop on a winter’s day provided: 

  • ​​permission ​to ​want ​whatever it is that ​you ​want ​(and ​show ​you ​how ​to ​go ​for ​it!) 
  • unleash  ​true ​strengths (hey, we all have “superpowers”)
  • ​become ​better ​at ​time ​management 
  • ​ignite a ​fire ​for ​following ​your ​dreams 
  • become ​incredibly ​generous ​with ​love

By the end of the workshop, our participants were ready to create success on their own terms. We all were walking through our own journeys, striving for our own goals, and yet there were so many overlaps and similarities between our stories. We heard, understood, and supported each other. We hugged and laughed and even cried (and that’s okay, too). Most of all, six women – many of whom had never previously met – came together as a tribe and left with something that is difficult to put into words but is so deeply needed. We ripped up society’s notions of what success “should” be, gained clarity on what we truly want, and used our deepest desires to map out our goals for the upcoming year. There were truth bombs, sacred geometry, gongs, and meditations. Author Danielle LaPorte even “liked” our workshop photos on Instagram! 

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us. I cannot wait to witness your unfolding journeys. And of course, a special thanks to my dear friend, Sonya Verma, for hosting us in her absolutely divine home. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, Sonya. She offers virtual yoga classes and Ayurvedic healing, among several other offerings, so check out her services at Inner Radiant Life to support Sonya’s work. 

I’m traveling the country this year to provide these healing retreats to as many women (and men!) as possible. From Australia and New Zealand to Kentucky to Ohio to New England, if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or business owner in need of more self-care, “me time” and rejuvenation, consider joining us. My next workshop is in NEW YORK CITY this spring. I hope to see you there… ❤