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So… I’ve had Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” stuck in my head the past few minutes (how’s THAT for a ’90s throwback?) and it took me a while to figure out that the featured image for this post is the reason why…

“Oh, baby, you… You have what you need…”

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick write-up to summarize my experiences with my first Ohio workshop this past weekend. As many of you know, I hosted my first workshop in Kentucky earlier this month, and Goals with Soul 2018 was my second workshop ever (first in Ohio).

I wish all of my workshops could feature sleepy cats and sound healing…

I’m still processing the experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better group or a more inviting space. We all were walking through our own journeys, striving for our own goals, and yet there were so many overlaps and similarities between our stories. We heard, understood, and supported each other. We hugged and laughed and even cried (and that’s okay, too). Most of all, six women – many of whom had never previously met – came together to rip up society’s notions of what success “should” be, get clear on what we truly want, and create goals based on how we want to feel in our work and our lives.

You can check out the photos on my Instagram or watch my Events page for information on new workshops.

Did someone say “new workshops”?!

Speaking of new workshops, I’m thrilled to announce that my next workshop is in NEW YORK CITY and I’ll be a panelist at a girls’ coding conference in Kentucky. Both are happening this spring. More details are coming soon so keep an eye on this space

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