This Coding Adventure Game was developed as the final assignment for my Instructional Design Bachelor’s Degree at Asbury University

Learning Platform: Classcraft 

Audience: Preteens and teenagers ages 11 to 16 years 

Classcraft is one of many Learning Management Systems (LMS) and is one of my personal favorites for younger audiences due to its advanced, high-quality interactions, built-in gamification and video content, and in-depth storytelling. It’s a fun and engaging learning platform for both eLearning and blended learning environments, and it builds upon social constructivism. As part of my undergrad Instructional Design research, I created a coding webquest in the form of a fantasy adventure role playing game (RPG) utilizing Classcraft. 

Note: This free course requires a Classcraft account; contact me if you’d like to be enrolled as a student.

Course link (requires Classcraft account)