As a location-independent professional who works remotely, I’ve deliberately built a life that offers the freedom to travel while working. I am currently in Auckland, New Zealand, getting paid to write blog posts about one of my heart’s favorite topics – how businesswomen can take their careers to the next level – while also redesigning my website. You’ve got to build the life you want to live, friends. Or, to paraphrase Jen Sincero: you’ve got to prioritize your dream more than your drama.

Have you ever craved a life where you could make money while traveling the world full-time? What does that look like for you? Working from home in your pajamas? Spending more time with your kids? Building your own tiny house?

What questions do you have about becoming location-independent (whatever that means to you)? If you already are living a life where you work from anywhere, what do you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out? I’d love to hear from you – and answer any questions you might have.