Audience: Children ages 7 to 13 years

Velocity Indiana approached me to help them launch a Coder Dojo for children in Kentucky and Indiana. We ultimately decided to craft our own curriculum teaching children the basics of JavaScript using the popular video game, Minecraft. After six months of research and curriculum development, including partnering with ScriptCraft.js creator, Walter Higgins, we launched a successful series of kids’ coding camps serving Jeffersonville, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky. I also provided mentorship for a similar camp in Cincinnati, Ohio, and my curriculum was used as a foundation for a Minecraft coding bootcamp in Lexington, Kentucky. 

I developed curriculum, launched, and facilitated two separate summer camps: Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft (coed) and Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft for Girls. Both camps used CraftBukkit and ScriptCraft.js to teach children how to create their own Minecraft modifications (“mods”) using simple JavaScript commands. Our classes sold out with a waitlist and had rave reviews.

You can view my original curriculum here: Click to Read

Learn about our all-girls camp: Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft for Girls

Online resource for students and parents: Learn More