I completed an Instructional Design project where I worked through the analysis portion of the ADDIE method as the beginning stage for an Intro to HTML & CSS course. This analysis was for a two-hour foundational course that would teach how to create a simple, one-page website using the coding languages HTML and CSS. I choose this topic because of the in-depth knowledge I have of it as a result of my professional experience as a web developer and coding instructor, eliminating the need for a subject matter expert.

Needs Assessment

One of the first things I did was conduct a needs assessment. My goal was to find 5-10 Kentucky students aged 7-14 years old. I began by reaching out to friends and acquaintances online and individually but was only able to find 3 students that were interested. I then expanded my search by utilizing Survey Monkey and sharing with 1,000+ people on Facebook/Linkedin. I also Facetimed with potential participants who were hesitant or had questions. The result was 10 coed participants who were aged 7+ years old. They all were familiar with computers and technology and most had some prior experience with coding.

Instructional Analysis

To my surprise, the needs analysis showed that parents were more interested in this course than their children and even some adults without children were interested. My interested students were also more geographically diverse than I had expected.

Based on the needs assessment I decided to open the course to adults and children aged 7 years or older and restructure it for a blended learning environment with an eLearning option for long-distance participants.

In order to accommodate all learning styles the course used an “I do”, “You do”, “We do” approach.

Next, I determined the course prerequisites and classroom needs.

Then, I began writing the course goal statements.

I then wrote the learning objectives for the course to ensure that the instruction is successful and that learning is taking place.

Next, I considered formative assessment. My formative assessment plan for this course included reviewing each student’s code after learning new key pieces of coding structure and providing feedback on how to correct coding errors. I also planned for “pop quiz” style opportunities where students would have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned for the class.

I also examined special considerations that would need to be made for the course.