The Shelf Life: Why Food Science is Fun!
What’s fun about working in the food science industry? This short, sitcom-style video illustrates why actual food scientists love their jobs and what’s so great about working in the industry. We created this video as part of the company’s social media strategy and SEO for 2013, which included submitting a video in the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual video competition for businesses. Award-Winner:
This video won the Institute of Food Technologists 2013 Video Competition. This marks our second consecutive award-winning video in this competition, and our first time winning the 1st place trophy.

 We only had about one month’s notice to conceptualize, write, produce, cast, film, edit and submit the final video for the competition. It was great to see a team come together to meet such a tight deadline and to see our hard work pay off with a 1st Place trophy, having our video featured in Chicago at the annual IFT Meeting and Food Expo’s opening Keynote session in front of a crowd of industry experts, peers, journalists, customers, and prospects.

The video also received HUNDREDS of votes towards the “Fan Favorite” award, although we ended up losing that award to another video. Video Crew:
Scott Ondracek (writer & actor)
Dan Granger (director, producer, videographer & video editor)
Brittany Thompson (assistant director, producer, designer & actress)
Jennifer Brown (lead actress)
Matt King (actor)
Charlotte King (baby videos)
Katie Queen (actress)
Stephen Brown (actor)
Bryan Aviles (actor)
Allie Brown (actress)
Megan Brown (actress)

 Testimonials: Fantastic job DDW Team; such creativity. Congratulations. I love the “shelf-life” connection to retirement! I am so proud that you took the initiative to create and execute this video.  It certainly generated a buzz in my IFT circle–thank you. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for next year.
–Margaret Lawson, Vice President, Chief Science OfficerCongratulations, Team! A full auditorium at IFT viewed a segment of the video. What a super branding and publicity opportunity for DDW.
–Campbell Barnum, Vice President, Branding & Market DevelopmentHow exciting! Well done!! When will we be seeing these new stars here in Hollywood?
–Jennifer Guild, Global Food Science, and Regulatory Manager