Cleaned up and refined some iconography for an Android app for the United States corrections industry. Previously, a User Interface/User Experience Supervisor and Android App Developer had designed the icons, but the department saw high turnover, leaving the implementation unfinished.

Utilized UX/UI and graphic design skills to standardize the icons for the Android environment using Material Design and Google Android iconography best practices. The Android App Developer provided a PSD of the desired icons, and we prioritized focusing on the “Action Bar” icon group first. For implementation, we followed PDF guides set up to Google’s specifications for how to correctly size Android app icons.

In particular, several existing icons were sized incorrectly. For example, the Participant Menu icon and Mail icon were shorter than the rest and looked too small compared to the other icons on an Android smartphone or tablet.

I started by reviewing Google’s documentation, Android icon standards, and Android developer style guides, then used Adobe Photoshop for redesigning icons directly within the PSD file. Lastly, the icons were added to the Android app mockup before being sent to the development team for full implementation within the Android app. As with all apps, the icons went through strenuous quality testing before being released to production.