I was fourteen years old when I started teaching myself how to write computer code. Back then, I didn’t know any other girls (or women, for that matter) who were interested in coding.  I was the only girl in the room.  I didn’t have a mentor.  Coding classes didn’t exist for people my age. The adults in my life encouraged me to pursue liberal arts instead. And I did attend a liberal arts college, only to be disappointed when I realized they didn’t offer a major in my area of interest. So I created my own double major in graphic and web design instead.

Because something told me to keep at it. I had a feeling this indusry would open doors for me one day.

At age fourteen, I told myself: 

“If I’m ever lucky enough to create a career in the web industry, I’ll find a way to help other ladies do the same.” 

I wanted to provide other girls (and women) with opportunities that I didn’t have when I was just starting out. Today, I am blessed to be following through on that mission.  I’ll be speaking at the Limitless Leaders Conference for Girls in central Kentucky this April. This year’s focus is on STE(A)M careers. I’m honored to be part of the “women who code” panel for elementary and middle school girls. I’d love to you and your daughters there: