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With over 12 years of experience in Instructional Design, Technical Training, Adult Learning Theory, and Pedagogy, I enjoy helping organizations develop, gamify, incentivize, and facilitate Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and eLearning training curriculum. I design and develop training materials, eLearning curriculum, learning campaigns, websites and graphics for diverse organizations across industries spanning tech, healthcare, government, and correctional institutions.

My marketing campaign background allows me to create custom-built learning campaigns that gamify learning material and ensure knowledge transfer while overcoming the Forgetting Curve. My presentations and eLearning materials are professionally designed with clean, beautiful and intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX). With a career spanning marketing, graphic & web design, technical training, and curriculum development, I always strive to make learning fun yet professional, effective yet memorable. 

Notable Work

Code Camps

I’ve taught coding camps for children aged 7 to 18 years throughout California, Kentucky, Indiana, and mentored similar camps in Ohio. 

Code Camps for Girls

I wrote curriculum, facilitated and launched Kentucky and Indiana’s first “girls only” coding camps, which sold out with a waitlist and received rave reviews.

Top Rankings

I was part of the iD Tech Camp team who ranked 5th in the US for Parent Satisfaction and 7th in the US for Student Satisfaction out of 200 camps nationwide.

High Scores

While training employees at America’s largest telecommunications provider, my class assessments consistently averaged 97% or higher. 


Girls Can Code! Intro to Java Using Minecraft

Platform: Articulate Storyline

Audience: Young girls ages 7 to 13 years

This was my first time experimenting with Articulate Storyline for my edX Micro Masters course in Instructional Design. Although my background is primarily in Adobe Captivate and Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK), I enjoyed the experience and hope to work with this software again in the future. I chose to reimagine an older curriculum I had developed for my 2013 class on using Java to create Minecraft mods. My vision is that eLearning software would allow parents to teach their children to code from the comfort of their own homes, and the children would be intrinsically motivated to learn because they want to modify their favorite video game, Minecraft.

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Curriculum & Facilitation: Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft

(Google Docs PDF)

Audience: Children ages 7 to 13 years

In late 2013, Velocity Indiana approached me to help them launch a Coder Dojo for children in Kentucky and Indiana. We ultimately decided to craft our own curriculum teaching children the basics of JavaScript using the popular video game, Minecraft. After six months of research and curriculum development, including partnering with ScriptCraft.js creator, Walter Higgins, we launched a successful series of kids’ coding camps in Jeffersonville, IN. I developed curriculum, launched, and facilitated two separate summer camps: Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft (coed) and Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft for Girls. Both camps used CraftBukkit and ScriptCraft.js to teach children how to create their own Minecraft modifications (“mods”) using simple JavaScript commands. Our classes sold out with a waitlist and had rave reviews.

You can view my original curriculum here: Click to Read

Learn about our all-girls camp: Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft for Girls

Online resource for students and parents: Learn More

Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft for Middle Schoolers

Platform: Powerpoint (Slideshare)

Audience: Middle School Children (ages 12 to 14 years)

This is a Powerpoint (Slideshare) presentation I developed and presented for a middle school STEM academy in Lexington, KY, USA.

The original curriculum is from the Intro to JavaScript Through Minecraft course I developed and facilitated for Velocity Indiana (Jeffersonville, IN and Louisville, KY, 2013-2014). With this course, we encouraged middle school students to pursue future careers in STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Education, Art and Mathematics) by showing them how they can use their existing interests in those areas to form career paths. We also encouraged students to learn to code so that they could develop custom modifications (“mods”) to their favorite video games, such as Minecraft.

Introduction to Video Game Development Using Unreal Engine 4

Storyboard (Google Drive)

Audience: Middle School Children (ages 12 to 14 years)

This is a storyboard I created for sample introductory curriculum to video game development using the popular game creation engine, Unreal Engine 4. This content was created for my edX Micro Masters course, and is intended to be delivered to middle school students ages 12 to 14 years old.

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How to Create Your Own Website for Free Using WordPress

Video (YouTube)

Audience: Adults

This is a webinar video I created as a training tutorial for my clients, colleagues, and fellow students. It is a basic overview of how to use WordPress to create your own website for free. You can play the video to the left or click below to learn more about the creation process behind this video.

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Video game developed using Unreal Engine 4 (Student age: 14 years)

Introduction to JavaScript Using Minecraft for Girls (Student ages: 7 to 12 years)


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