Women. Tech. Creatives. Community. Those are the values of the More Than Graphics Podcast. As my talented friend, Danielle, says: “We’re more than our name badge. We’re more than the work we produce. Life is #MoreThanGraphics”

As a woman creative and a woman in tech, these stories are all too familiar:

You’re told to speak up, but when you do, you’re “too loud.” You’re told to stand up, but when you do, you’re told to sit back down. You’re told to be smart, but not so smart that you’re intimidating. No wonder our internal monologues can feel so confusing, and our industries can feel so isolating at times! All the more important to build community, so that we can support and uplift one another…

#MoreThanGraphics is more than a hashtag or a podcast. It is a lifestyle mantra. The Podcast quickly became a virtual space of memories, hard truth-telling, and life chronicles surrounding women creatives and women in tech of all colors, sexual orientations, geographic locations, religions, and backgrounds. This is for women-identifying humans who are seeking and celebrating community with others. The beauty of this journey is all the hearts and hands that helped shape this into reality.

I was a cohost during the first year of the podcast, and you can continue tuning in as my friends and cohosts Cicely and Danielle invite monthly guests to embark on a roundtable journey of finding one’s tribe. 

The constant goal of this podcast is to make room at the table by amplifying the voices of today’s up-and-coming talents and thought leaders. We challenge our listeners to honestly engage in ways to unlock mental and emotional roadblocks to success. Collectively, we acknowledge the ‘work on self’ required to achieve true success. 

Listen at mtgthepodcast.com 

This podcast was created and produced by my dear friend, Danielle, of Octane Design Studios.

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