Saturday, May 12th, 2018

1pm – 5pm

Brooklyn Heights, NYC

at Sylvia Hoke Photography Studio

Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from 1pm - 5pm

at Sylvia Hoke Photography Studio in Brooklyn Heights, NYC

***Limited to just 8 participants.








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If you’re feeling “stuck” or in need of a change… If you want to make your “daydream” your reality, whether that means quitting your 9-to-5 job, taking the leap into running your own business, traveling the world full-time, or simply working more self-care into your day… If you need some help getting there… Or if you could use a day of soulful sisterhood, support, and YOU time… This transformational afternoon of self inquiry, intention, and clarity is for you.

Take a much-needed break from the daily grind.

Pause the “hustle” to make room for your own heart. 

You’ll redefine success on your terms.

By unlocking your own innate wisdom and intuition, you’ll create powerful goals plus an action plan for getting there!

Empowered women heal everything around them.

Darling, you are incredible. You work hard, you “lean in” and you constantly take care of everyone around you. Because of this, you’ve experienced how tricky it is to keep New Year’s Resolutions and to find work-life balance. You, my friend, deserve some time to yourself. Let’s take a break from the hustle n’ bustle and make time for YOU. After all, you’re worth it and you’ve earned it!

Join us for a rejuvenating day of healing self-care, personal development, supportive coaching and sisterhood. Through hands-on practices and self discovery, you’ll become reacquainted with your intuition and inner wisdom. You’ll walk away with practical tools and powerful techniques that you can immediately apply to any area of your life for real, lasting transformation.

This is the permission slip you've been waiting for...

In order to fully care for others, we must start by caring for ourselves. You deserve this.
Are you ready to say YES to you?

About the Retreat

How do you want to feel? Are you craving more joy and freedom in your life? Are you burnt out? Going through the motions? Living each day on autopilot? These are all signs that you’ve been living according to someone else’s definition of success, rather than your own. Getting clear on how you actually want to feel is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life. You already have the tools within you to build the life you truly desire. Are you ready to say YES to you?

This one-day urban retreat takes place at the luminous studio space of Sylvia Hoke Photography nestled amidst the famous 1800s Brownstone buildings of New York City’s charming, historic Brooklyn Heights. (Address to be provided after registration.) With the grandeur of the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop and the peaceful promenade just steps away, we’ll take time for ourselves. Certified Facilitator, Brittany Robinson, will guide you through Desire Mapping, Fire Starting and other powerful self improvement techniques based on the best-selling books by author Danielle LaPorte, member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and creator of one of Forbes’s “Top 100 Websites for Women.”  

Open to all: Any activities throughout our day will be suitable for beginners of all ages, even if it is your first time. Activities may include but are not limited to: journaling, meditation, introspective discussion, coaching, a stroll through the park, and possibly some gentle yoga. Tea and catered snacks will be provided. Immerse yourself in an afternoon of relaxation in a safe, supportive environment. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring something to write with, and feel free to invite a friend, mother, sister, or other beloved woman in your life!

This is for you if…


  • you’ve felt “stuck” in any area of your life
  • you’ve been crossing items off your “to do” list but you still feel unfulfilled
  • you know your talents can serve the world in bigger ways but you’re not sure where to start
  • you want to do meaningful work that aligns with your innate gifts and your true purpose
  • you’re looking to make big changes, whether professionally or personally
  • you could use a day to yourself for some self-care

What’s included…

Our immersive workshop experience includes:

  • 3 hours of deeply healing work indoors in a sacred space filled with music, candles, meditation, and journaling
  • 1 hour of time outdoors in nature (weather permitting) with a gentle stroll through the park, a guided walking meditation led by a Certified Yoga Teacher, and a closing ceremony at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade overlooking the Manhattan skyline
  • Exclusive Workbook (yours to keep!)
  • Free gifts, including a 15min Desire Map yoga video for beginners
  • Catered snacks + hot tea + water

Our day together…

During our afternoon together, you will:

  • Ask (and answer) the tough questions
  • Get clear on what you REALLY want
  • Receive guidance and business coaching from Certified Facilitator, Brittany Robinson (CYT)
  • Feel supported in our intimate circle of like-minded people
  • Create your action plan for building a life you truly LOVE…

You deserve this! Will you join us?

We’d love to save a seat for you. (Feel free to invite a mother, sister, girlfriend, or other loved one, too!)

***To maintain a warm, intimate, supportive atmosphere, we’ll limit our afternoon to just 8 participants.


What’s success mean to you? Understand who you are and what you really want. Unleash your own personal power. Reveal a fresh perspective, “a-ha!” moments, a new outlook on life, and leave with a practical list of next steps you can take.


A map of how you want to feel. Get crystal clear on your core desired feelings. Create a plan for happiness and success on your own terms. Create personalized self-care rituals and your very own 100% custom action plan for how you will get there.


Forget New Year’s Resolutions! You deserve a revolution this year. We’ll do more than tell you; we’ll SHOW you steps you can add to your daily routine today. By learning this proven process, you can create real, lasting change in your life.

About Us:

Brittany Robinson, CYT, is a Certified Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator™ who leads immersive experiences based upon proven techniques from best-selling author, Danielle LaPorte. After reading The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions, her life was forever changed. She left corporate America in 2014 to become a full-time contractor and world traveler. She’s lived in 3 countries and taught workshops throughout the US. She loves helping others launch world-changing businesses and bring more joy and freedom to their lives. Learn more at and

Sylvia Hoke is a published fashion, portrait & headshot photographer. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City and photography quickly became her life. After juggling the corporate world and photography for many years, she left corporate America to run Sylvia Hoke Photography full time & never looked back! Connecting to subjects prior to the shoot is an essential part of her process. She currently works with the film industry, the fashion industry, & with entrepreneurs in need of branding. With her expertise, Sylvia creates a visual story that compliments their product for their website & social media. 

About the Food:

When we say this retreat will nourish your body, mind, and soul, we mean it! Your day of self-care includes catered snacks and healthy beverages, including water and tea.


We’ll be here to provide you with the time, space, training and support you need in your journey… and some chocolate, too, of course!


Reclaim the power you’ve always had. You’ve got all the tools within you to live the life you crave. 


…a woman with a plan. Because daydreams won’t get you there. It’s time to take action!


In our small, intimate group of just 8 women, you will experience a life-changing day of self-care combined with the transformational guidance from our certified facilitator. This is truly an experience like no other. Here’s what previous workshop attendees have to say:

"Yesterday was pretty amazing as six of us sat and did some soulful work... I’m pretty sure we are all still pondering today what we uncovered and it’s exciting knowing our lives are forever changed. This is only the start!"

"I really enjoyed the class and it truly did help me make some changes in my life. It is a gift!"

"I had a blast and would totally recommend this to others who are looking to up-level their self-love... aka everyone!"

Celebrity Praise…

What celebs say about the Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions techniques…

“Declaring my core desired feelings uplifted my relationships and the way I work in the world… The Desire Map is a hotline to your truth.” – Gabrielle Bernstein, Author

“It’s basically charting the things you want in life and not just sitting back and saying, ‘I’m going to manifest this; here’s how,’ but actively doing something to manifest your dream.” – Shailene Woodley, Actress

“You’re about to learn a revolutionary new way to set and reach [your] goals.” – Marie Forleo, Entrepreneur

Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

This half-day women’s retreat is a soulful experience unlike any other. We’ll make big magic and build lifelong connections. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and you’ll create memories you can look back on for years to come. We’ll provide you with the tools. We’ll hold space for you. All you have to do is simply show up.

Go ahead... Treat yo'self!

Make time for YOU and create goals for 2018 that align with what you *really* want. You’re worth it!